Monday, 28 May 2012

family is important,but justice is more

Here is one more criticism on the society and most specific on things people from oriental countries do: Putting family on the highest of the scale.

Family is important and yes it´s one of THE MOST IMPORTANT values in our lifes.But justice is way more important than family. What I want to say:
Dont support your family whatever they do.The love and suport towards your family should never be unconditional.

What happened now to you? This?

Because unconditional love and support towards your family is something, that you have got to hear,since you were born.Have you ever thought about it?

The reason,why I´m talking about this: A few memebers of my family write in their free time as volunteers for an online portal.I´m not going to tell who and where, but thats where the conflict started (I dont have anything to do with).One more of my family-members( one with a high status) wanted to do the same.So an employee there said hed love him to write there too. At that point the employee hadn´t talked to the board of directors.And what happened? Right! They dont wanted him to write on their portal.So the low employee told him the news,and he started to send the email to the other writers there without any comment.One of them quitted writing there too as a reaction to this and wanted the article he/she had written to be removed.Now I´m just curious,how the rest of them are going to react.

The person who got rejected obviously tried to mobilize against the online portal, as he/she interpreted it as a personal attack.But it wasnt outragous at all.


And this is the point, where I want to become more general.If somebody acts not like the script you wrote in your book (AND YOU DO,WE ALL DO) dont be offended.The first thing you do should be thinking about it.I guess nearly everyone agrees with me, when I say, that people become so easily offended and interpret everything as an attack against themselves.But just look at the case, I wrote down above.

Dont act like that:
 It´s not personal,the world is not busy with thinking about how they could do something against you. Just accept it people: It´s not against you.It´s just the conditions.

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Tuesday, 22 May 2012

lipstick muslims /slacktivists

The topic today is: Slacktivists. Soooo annoying people. And since this blog is supposed to be about muslims I´m gonna write about muslims.About people who are muslim only by words.And I´m not gonna tell about anyone, that he or she isnt muslim . I´m not able to judge about that .

You just have to take a look around you and have a closer look at the muslims ( or the people who call themselves muslims) to realize, that they are most of the time just in a really superficial way. How comes, ,I as a muslim girl, say something like that? How comes, I ,  as a muslim myself ,criticize the muslim community in public this harsh? A little explanation:

Yesterday I made myself a facebook-account  and as soon as I looked at the start-page there were people who shared things like that:

I dont know if you understand it,but it´s asking what you would choose. Money or Islam.Over 7000 people liked it and it was shared more than 1,200 times. This is CRAZY!!! And there is nothing wrong with doing so, no, BUT I have a serious problem, when people post things like that CONSTATNTLY although they are not religious at all.Or look at this:

It says "She repentanced now, she regrets it.". WHUUUUUUUUT??!!! People are you kidding me? I know the people , who posted these and none of them are very religious or live strictly by  islamic rules.But when it comes to talking about it, they´re heroes.And yeah it bothers me!


Because there is a message behind these posts. They try to tell you "Hey, I´m religious , I´m doing so good in religious aspects bla bla.Proof that you also do."  But in 90 % it´s not the case.From experience I can tell you, that if a religious post becomes succesful in the facebook-world it´s most of the time supported by non-religious people, who are muslim by words and dont give a f*** about the rules, when it comes to adapting them in your daily life. They do it for a reason: They know themselves, that they´re not doing good, but they want it to look like they would.It´s most of the time a pure PR-campagne. And this is what is most disturbing  about it.

This is what I call Slacktivism

And I hate slacktivism, I detest it. It´s DISGUSTING. What´s slacktivism? Let me quote ever so wise Wikipedia here :

term that describes "feel-good" measures, in support of an issue or social cause, that have little or no practical effect other than to make the person doing it feel satisfaction. The acts tend to require minimal personal effort from the slacktivist. The underlying assumption being promoted by the term is that these low cost efforts substitute for more substantive actions rather than supplementing them, although this assumption has not been borne out by research. [1]

 And these PR-Campagnes (they OBVIOUSLY are) are the purest form of slacktivism.They dont have any actual effect on the society , nor on the individual people who share them  or more worse, create these themselves! They are used for personal satisfaction.Nothing else. And it is disturbing me when people exploit religion for this.
It´s not a game. Be aware of that.
If you continue sharing these kinda posts, make sure you adapt or have adapted them in your own daily life.Make sure, that you MEAN what you say.Don´t be a slacktivist. Because this is the new disease of our digital century.

P.S.: And no, your not solving ANY problem with slacktivism.You haven´t solved anything.Look at Syria, Afghanistan,Iraq and look at KONY (most stupid slacktivism action I´ve ever seen, pure propaganda).And at least ,look at the finacial crisis. 

May peace be upon you <3

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Skipping lessons

When this morning members of my family arrived because we come together sundays to listen to my wise grandfather about islamic topics, I was about to prepare myself for school. Yes, for SCHOOL. SUNDAY. Sounds horrible ? It also feels like that. Getting more depressed because I knew I was going to spend my whole day till 5pm at school I went downstairs and said goodbye to my family.Depressingly went to school to recognize: Nobody was there!

Ten minutes later we were 5 people. And that was it.Nobody came the following 20 minutes and I was just playing piano (we have a great Grande Piano in school). The point is: We were going to meet with the drama-class and we had made the decision to start a new piece because we were just hating on the old one ,just one month before the  actual perfomance. I´m sure you can imagine that you´re gonna go through a tough plan to be able to succeed. But nobody came so we went home (pure happiness was floating through me when the dramatheacher told us :D). The teacher told us that we were going to get our high grades because we had put our effort into this project and the rest was going to get bad ones.

OK. Lets think about it.

Who made the better deal?The ones, who didnt skip.

 I am not the person that never skipped or never skips.But I´m not doing it constantly.Thats the point : When you skip constantly , you have no RIGHT  to complain about bad marks. If you´re not there , theres nothing the teacher could judge about.

What people think or motives they have pro skipping lessons :

1)I havent learned for test / havent done homework 
It can make sense to skip if you´re not in advanced level  because of tests, but because of homework? No! Don´t do that! We all know that 3 of 10 times teachers dont control homework or do something completely different.Even if they do ,it´s just one moment.It´s way worse to not be present then to haven´t done your homework.You can still do it and give it to the teacher next time you see them.The mark you get for not being at school is 6, if you forgot homework you could still get a 2.

2)I´m to lazy to go to school
We will see, if you still can be lazy in a few years when you will be forced to do a bad job because of your financial situation, while I hopefully will be in a comfortable chair and doing my work to earn lots of money and having a nice life.Then what you do? REGRET THAT YOU WASTED YOUR TIME AND YOUTH WITH SKIPPING LESSONS!

3) I dont want to see the teacher/people freak me out
See what I wrote above.Same thing there.You will hate your future boss etc. . But the main point here is: School is just a little part of your life.You HAVE to do it.There is no alternative.What I also recognized is: Most of the time  when people dont want to see the teacher or other students it´s their own fault.I´m sorry but it´s just like that. People say everything they think about , are rude and regardless and expect others to treat them great. HELLO?! You could probably expect that from me (PROBABLY) and really religious people, but obviously not everyone is like that.People are just not intelligent enough to see, that they are just wasting their time with arguing about nonsense.

4)I hate the system / F*** the system
Pffff.Worst argument ever to skip lessons.Sorry but whats the thing that bothers you about the system? Could you describe it a litte bit more accurate?NO ? Because you dont know. Because if you´re honest you have to admit, that you´ve never really thought deeply about our system.Oh and you know what? When you skip you dont do anything to the system.You´re not hurting or changing it in anyway. You´re just hurting yourself.  The system is gonna f*** YOU!

5)I´m scared of someone in school
Go to the teachers/parents/friends and do something about it. And do your school! This person is gonna be scared of you, when they will need your help to survive,because you will be the boss in future.But then you should help them ;)


P.S.: I was a little bit angry while writing this, because now the perfomance is not going to take place,but yeah...I got a good mark!!! : D

May peace be upon you

Friday, 18 May 2012


It´s kinda late to enter this post , but I´m so in love with this event, that I just dont want to wait till it takes place again next year. It´s a sportsevent that takes place at 1.May each year.Traditionally this day is free, so people can come from every corner of  Germany. Since I have 6 aunties (and my mother whos the oldest, so they´re 7 sisters) it´s kinda obvious that they are forming a team ;) So I´ve participated in it since the beginnings,which was like 10 years ago.They are very talented in Volleyball, so they participate in the Volleyball and most of the time, they win : D

This time we just got the second place, but it was fun!

The place itself is super beautiful with a lake!

What I love so much about it is: We muslims have a problem when it comes to unity.When you talk about them in front of a muslim, they will protect each other.No doubt about that.But as soon, as it comes to working together: NEVER! In the muslim community are lots of different groups and this event is opened for all of them!
So you see muslims from every nationality you could ever think of and they´re always super nice and smiling! 
The whole day long you just compete in sports you like ,eat , be together with your beloved ones and are surrounded by super nice people.It´s always a pleasure. This is little bit of how I imagine paradise : Pure pleasure.

                                                  Honestly dont know who this kid is, but the pic is so super funny
                                                 I just had to share it !

I will share it here next year around the time of april for you guys to also come ! :)

May peace be upon you <3

Thursday, 17 May 2012

Anger and Reality TV 2.0

I was coming home with the metro from school and saw two girls arguing.They were surrounded by a lot of people and they were very loud.I couldnt get what the exact point was, but it seemed to be a tiny little thing.Something completely irrelevant. And then they started shouting and screaming, one of them cried and more and more people surrounded them.Nobody was doing anything they were just staring like it was entertainment. Reality TV 2.0 you know? So I gave the crying one a tissue and said them, that it was just completely inappropriate to make a drama in public like that. They were just making a spectacular out of themselves. So they made the decision to go their way each and talk about it later in private.

Whatever. What I wanted to talk about was, that they started saying really hard things to each other.Especially the crying girl said :"Bitch,I HATE you..."bla bla bla. At one point of the argue they werent even discussing any more.They were just in a competition of who could swear louder,longer and more hurting.There was no point in it. And this is the topic today: Be aware of what you say.Dont say anything thats on your mind. Never say everything you know, but always know everything you say.
In moments of anger you could destroy things youve been spending a lot of time and effort to build up within a moment.With a word or something you said without thinking about it.

It has been narrated by Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) That Allah's Messenger Muhammad ( ) Said:

“ The strong one is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength,
but the one who controls himself while hes in anger."

So when you notice that your mood changes into this:


......calm down.

And be aware that your going to be completely blind for any argument and sound stupid.


So true (just in German)

Monday, 14 May 2012

Just a random post about how beautiful life is,that God gave us... And how cute. Look at how fast life runs.Time is running and I see it everytime I see old pictures.Impressions  I consider old are just 2 years old.... All photos are done with a little mobilephone-camera.A 1.2 Mp one :)

And look at her now...

I know it can be really awkward to read a text, when you have absolutely no clue who the author is.And I know it can be really awkward to just make up a voice in your head, that reads that text to you (and I know, that you have that voice in your head! Everyone has ! :P ) So I just decided to upload a picture of me.Thats me with my little cousin in my aunties garden :) And by the way: When you see pictures on my blog, you can be absolutely sure, that they are real.Zero Photoshop.I just dont get, why reality needs to be photoshopped.And zero Make-up.But that might change from time to time :) I guess I´m just to lazy to photoshop my pictures.This is just a waste of time, if it´s not going to be a photo that you´re going to have with you all the time, like drivers-licence or something like that. :)

Ohh, and for the voice-thing.... I promise I´ll be putting up a video or something like that to help with this problem :)

Da ich weiß, wie seltsam es sein kann einen Text zu lesen ohne ein Bild oder eine Stimme zu haben, habe ich mich entschieden schnell ein Foto hochzuladen.Das bin ich mit meinem kleinen Cousin im Garten.Die Bilder auf diesem Blog sind alle nicht photoshopbearbeitet.Dazu bin ich einfach zu faul :)

me in Ramadan

BUUUUUUUUUUUUUHHHHHHHH. Und?Erschrocken?Nein.Natürlich nicht.Ich bin doch nur ein Text. :D
Nein im Ernst: Ich weiß nicht so recht, wie ich diesen Blog einweihen soll,deswegen der mülleimerreife Anfang.Es geht hier um den aufregenden,mysteriösen Alltag von Muslimen in Deutschland und im Generellen auch sonst überall auf der Welt.Aber eben speziell in Deutschland.Ich als gebürtige,praktizierende Muslima in Deutschland eröffne also hiermit einen Lifestyleblog über mich und meinen Alltag.Es geht halt um mich.Sehr spannend....

Hey guys!

This blog is about muslims in Germany and all over the world.We muslims seem to be a kind of weirdos to the majority in western communities.So I just want to demystify the whole thing with blogging about me and my daily life.I don´t know if I will be posting regularly let´s see how it goes. Sry for my bad english sometimes, just keep in mind that I´m a 16 years old student :)