Tuesday, 21 August 2012

the hijab-fashion-community on instagram

Recently I discovered instagram for myself. Add me there I love it. I´m obsessively using it.One day instagrams server will crash because of my activities.Information-overload.... But thats not the topic today .

I took part in the fashion-community for hijabis which is taking over instagram these days.It´s really great.I cant tell why I feel like fashion is absolutely important to hijabis in our society.I´m probably completely wrong and fashion or just being clothed nicely is unimportant or even unislamic ( teach me better if you know), but I personally spend time and effort into my clothing.
There are people on instagram who name themselves "hijabstyle" ,"hijablife" or "fashionmodesty" and things like that. They usually have lots of followers and share your pictures if you hashtag them under you pictures.It works kind of like a shoutout.

I love to open my instagram and see beautifully dressed sisters from all over the world. Its so inspirational!
But heres what you were waiting for ... the critics.

I want to point out  which big kind of responsibility those people have. And here is the story..
As I started participating in the community I because of whatever reason started wearing long skirts and quitted weraing tight jeans.They are so comfortable and I feel like they look so much better. Obviously they also do great in covering everything up and helping you with keeping the spirit of hijab.Now I feel terrible when I go out with jeans. I always feel kind of half-naked with them.Like everyone would stare at my legs.

But now those big people like "hijablife" started sharing pictures of poeple in leggings with 7 inches high heels and tons of makeup on their face. I´m sorry but whats wrong with you? People who consider themselves as representative muslims have responsibilty for what they do. Because everything you do gives a message to the outter world.

The same goes for you, if you have a twitter/ tumblr/ whatsoever account where you clearly state that you are muslim.For the instagram-people who call themselves "hijablife" etc. the message is " HEY I´m a muslim , that supports hijab-wear.Here I share hijabconform fashion of people.You can be inspired by these looks."
And then, they just turn around and share bad looks, which are not hijabconform at all.


Monday, 13 August 2012

The ultimate guide to holidays in Turkey ( Istanbul,Yalova,Izmit)

Whooooowww, guys it has been a while since I was here writing a blogpost. It feels completely weird after 2 month of abstinence :)But of course it had reasons. Obviously it was summer and I was gone in Turkey ( Soooo missing it there) and I had no internet there ( ok nearly none) . So I felt isolated from the civilisation.But after a few days it was ok. Actually I quite enjoyed being existent only for me and my creator.

I had amazing holidays in Turkey. I spent nearly 6 weeks in sunny and hot Turkey. At first I was in Izmit to see my fathers side of the family ( You now you just have to visit your relatives ) and it was fun ! In the last few years Turkey completely turned into a industrial, wealthy nation . The politicians over there seem to be working hard and you can see the difference ! At this point I want to thank Recep Tayip Erdogan and all the people in his party and everyone else who helped and helpes building up Turkey.

It has come to the point, where I can say , that lifestandards in Turkey are now not only equal ,but even higher in some points like healtcare compared to Germany.

We  did everything you do in holidays usually. And then ... we went to Istanbul !!!! For a week to go sightsseing. We saw everything you could see in Istanbul.It was mesmerizing.Istanbul is really a very special city.In Istanbul is EVERYTHING you could think of.And if you havent seen Istanbul you cant say, that you are welltravelled. Istanbul is a MUST for everyone.

So at first we saw the big isle of Istanbul, where the elite lived back in the old days. Its still a really elitess place but completely touristic now :)

 Does anyone know this singer ? Hes singing some spanish music,which is awsome.I asked for a CD, but the y had none.

 I just love this picture.Isnt it perfect ?

Then we visited other relatives in their garden outside of istanbul  :)

 So romantic what ?

After that we saw Kizkulesi :)
To be honest its quite oricey for Turkey-standards and theres really not much to see there.So if you dont want to go there crazily I would recommend you to not do it,because it´s also wuite complicated for a foreigner with all the different boats and private services to find the right spot to go in this MEGA-city .

And then Dolmabahce sarayi...

phew... that should be enough for the first. I will continue it the next days ;)