Monday, 19 November 2012

sadness in the mosque...nobody there?

Have you ever been to  the mosque during a normal day? Not at the weekend and not for the eveningprayer? Have you ever done that? No? Why ? And if you did : What has the situation been  , that you´ve been confronted with?
Did you see a mosque flourishing , full of life, filled with so much people , that it was nearly exploding?

During the last weeks I had some lessons in school being cancelled, so I had a little bit of free time.I could have learned a little bit in this time or chilled  with some friends or something completely different. I chose the last option and went to the mosque.

The mosque is to be honest in a distance of about a good 10 minutes.So its very close to my school,but I never even did spent a thought before on going there in my free time.I dont know why, probably because it was a lot more fun to hang out with my friends.Probably because that satisfied me enough and I did not look for alternatives.But somehow three weeks ago I went there.
I wasn´t expecting the mosque to be full, but I was expecting at least a few old people there.
When I arrived the mosque .... was c l o s e d.

OK .... I want to be fair. The mosque is quite a big, central one and in the area of the mosque live THOUSANDS of muslims.The mosque itself was opened, but the part for women was closed. I had to find someone to open it for me and finding someone was really hard.When I finally was inside the big , freezingly cold hall and I looked down and saw the carpet....I sat down. And I started crying.

I cried for a long time. It was one of the most intimate moments with ALLAH. I cried for myself and I cried for the ummah.People had chosen to leave the mosques and live their lifes in their private rooms.They had betrayed the mosques. And the worst thing about it was : I was one of those people.

Dont get me wrong.I go to the mosque now and then.Youll find me in some mosque at least two or three times a week.But I was never actively planning to go to the mosque.To stay there, to do something for the mosque...I was just rushing in, doing salah and rushing out.

And now I want to ask the ummah, in first place myself : Where have you been when salah-time arrived? Where have you been while the mosques were suffering from financial problems? What caused you to do your salah at home? ON YOUR OWN . ALONE ?
I want to ask everyone, especially the old ladies in retirement : Where have you been? Who told you to stay at home? Wasn´t the first thing to work for, the priority of priorities after worshipping ALLAH , the unity of the ummah ? So who told you, that you would do something for unity through sitting at home on you own
or with some friends, gossiping about other people? 

A mosque lives just as much as it is visited by the believers.

The mosque offers  the most beautiful place for you, your children, your family to pray, to learn, to network.It is the place of productivity and love. It is time for us to go back to our local mosques and turn them into the places , they deserve to be and used to be for hundreds and hundreds of years of muslim history : the center of a muslims life.

I now go to the mosque more often at uncomfortable times.Stand up and go ahead.Pray the next salah-time at your local mosque! You will be amazed <3

May peace be upon you <3