Saturday, 31 October 2015

working on ahlaq pt.2 - apologies

Since the first step towards coming closer to our rabb is repenting, the very first step towards perfecting ones ahlaq is apologizing.
Most of us have a quite good working conscience and know too well when we didn't behave the way we should have, our weren't able to live up to our own standards. Some of us try to ignore the nerve-wracking knocking of our conscience on the doors of our mind, but there aren't many who are successful in doing so. So noone really should be in need to tell you whether you're right or wrong. You should be able to see it yourself in a quite moment of leaning back and pondering. If there is something bothering you - its time to rethink our actions.

But many times after sinning, being mean or simply not doing good enough we don't have the courage to stand up and fix what we have broken.
What you don't repair will remain broken. If you have an honest interest in a relationship , and that should be the case if you befriended/married the right people, you might also have an honest interest in fixing the cracks.

Even if you weren't the one who made the cracks go that deep, and even if you weren't the one who started the  conflict at all, you have with a high chance a good share in it.

So go ahead and fix it. If you can't fix it : make it less hurting. Clean your conscience, make a move and step out of you're comfort zone. Forget the ego.
The other side might be waiting for your move, struggling the same way and not being able to win over their ego. They might be looking forward to seeing you again.
The rarest separations are pleasurable. 

1) Rethink the situation :

 What have you done wrong ? What could have you done better ? What do you still stand behind ?  Why are you upset ? Why is the other side upset ? How can you change it ?

2) Rethink your relationship

What does the other mean to you ? Why do you like them ? Why could they be liking you ? Is the issue worth risking the relationship ?

3) Rethink your character :

 Do you often react in a way in which you wish you shouldn't ? How are you planning to change it ? 

Once you apologize for something you will be a lot less likely to repeat the same behaviour. Apologizing is never easy in the first moment. Admitting ones own faults to someone we have wronged without trying to justify is never a pleasurable experience for the first seconds. It might take some mental preparation time. But its worth it.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Working on ahlaq pt.1

Last week I had a little fight with someone and was lost in thoughts about how I could be such a jerk sometimes while I was at the same time praying 5 times a day, making regular dhikr and attending classes every week.
How could I do all the obligatory ibadah, collect good deeds and then mess up in manners all the time ?

Then I came across this video : 

For those who understand Turkish just go ahead and listen to what he has to say. For my English speaking readers Im going to paraphrase his thesis shortly in the next paragraph.

His thesis is quite simple : He basically says that adab is more important on the day of judgement than deeds. He quotes some ayahs in which Allah adresses his Rasool and draws attention to the point that he never only says "Muhammad" to his beloved Prophet, but always dresses him with respect and love. If even the creator himself shows such compassion in addressing his own creation, what does that teach us about the importance of manners ?

I feel like our generation has lost a lot in this field.We are so knowledgeable but our manners lack a deeper understanding. So to say we seem to be a little like the Jews who made their religion into an academic discipline. We prefer arguing about whether the feet have to be three fingers apart or four while praying , we tend to focus on how well the melody was after a recitation instead of being absorbed by its meaning. On the other side we try to hide from being actively engaged in lessons about manners and ahlaq. We know its uncomfortable to think about things we can not easily get used to, because they are not simply a behaviour , but a way of thinking, and even more a way of feeling.

While praying in a physical sense can be achieved through chaining a row of actions together, the adab of prayer, and this way the real prayer, can only be achieved through focusing mentally and emotionally as well. And focusing emotionally and mentally requires constant reflection and self observation. The mind can not just wander, and emotions which naturally follow the wandering path of the mind can not do so as well. Instead one has to take all responsibility for ones own thoughts, must recognize that he is not only fully responsible for them, but is also perfectly able to control them and think of the fact that he is in an undisturbed dialogue with his creator himself. 
But we never focused on that. We were taught all the rules and regulations without grasping the deeper meaning, without understanding the essence of this deen. And so many of our prayers remained void of any spirituality, many of our fasts in fact did not benefit us except making us hungry and thirsty and although we raised our hands to make dua to the Allmighty - we all know that too many times our lips were moving, but our hearts were in very different places. 

We lack manners.
Thats it.
The simplest of them. A lack of manners is mostly a lack of sincerity. 
Whoever is sincere will keep an eye on his manners.

So I packed my thoughts and pushed all of them to the side for a little while. My very base is cracked,   I desperately need to work on my manners with everything. 
So Im starting my journey of manners inside the journey of my life. A journey towards better manners, towards a beautified ahlaq. Towards more resemblance with the most beloved of the creation. 

For every now and then Ill blog about habits and reflections. About goals and my steps  towards achieving them. For every curious soul out there : I invite you to walk a little of that journey with me. And for every sincere soul out there who thinks, that they kind of feel or think the same : I invite you to walk this path completely with me, and even further than I might make it. May Allah be our protector and helper on this journey.

In prayer four success

Sunday, 23 August 2015

Hüzün takvaya dahilmi ?

Son zamanlarda çözemediğim bir konuyla yoğruluyorum.
Bundan bir kaç sene önce ben ilk defa anlayarak ve hakiki bir şekilde iman ettim. Çok zor, yoğun ve bunaltıcı bir arayış döneminin ardından bulduğum iman gücü beni ve hayata bakış açımı adeta tekrar diriltti.
Ama bu diriliş hiç bir zaman başka insanlarla gülüp eğlenmeyi, başkalarının beraberliğinden hoşlanmayı kapsamadı. Etrafımdaki insanlar her daim rabbimle aramda bir engel, ona yaklaşmaya kullanmak istediğim zamanı neredeyse boşa harcayan sosyal fıtratımın bir gerekçesiydi. Aklen bunun böyle olmadığını çok iyi bilsem bile hissiyatım böyleydi. Yalnız kalmak isterdim. Ilahi sohbet , onunla aramdaki mahremiyet bozulmasın , kimse rahatsız etmesin isterdim.
Ve onun himayesine vardığımda daima ağlardım. Namazlarım her daim hıçkırıklı, dualarım gözyaşlarıyla yoğrulmuştu.
Sarajevo sokaklarindan bir kare
Ben nezaman Ona yaklaştığımı hissetsem hep ağlardım. Bir kere Onun karşısına geçip gülmeyi cahillikten sayardım, edebe aykırı bilirdim. Kim cüret edebilirdi alemlerin Rabbi karşısında gülmeye ? Üstelik günahlarında adeta boynuna kadar boğulurken ? Takva sahibi insan ise her daim Onun gözetimi altında olduğunu anladığı vakit bu hal artar. Takvanın artmasıyla sanki hüzün de gittikçe büyür.
Öbür dünyayı bu dünyaya tercih etmeyi başardığım an kendi ibadetlerimin nekadar yetersiz olduğun anlayarak ağlardım. Zahidleri beğenir , zühdü ariflik vasfı sayar, en çok onlara imrenirdim. Onlar ise her daim süküt etmeyi, az yiyip az gülmeyi tavsiy ettiler. Ve hakikaten bu huyları nezaman edindiysem beni Ona daima yakınlaştırdı.
Ama sadakat emsali Ebu Berkirden bir  rivayet  okudumki beni çözemediğim bir problemin eşiğine sürükledi. Yanlış anlaşılmasın , akli bir problem değil daha çok kalben tam kavrayamamamdan kaynaklanan bir sorun.
Peygamber efendimiz insanlara daima tebessüm eder, onlara gülümsermiş.
Nasıl ? diye kalıverdim.
Ki o, insanlardan ilahi makama en yakın olan.Takvada en üstün olan, En çok tövbe eden .
Anlayamamıştım. Yoksa benim bildiğim gibi değilmiydi ?
Ve şimdi size soruyorum :
Hüzün  takvaya dahilmi ?

Monday, 27 July 2015

Why I stopped writing

Or more exactly – posting /publishing.

It’s not like someone who is attached to his pen and paper could ever stop writing and this way getting rid of all his thoughts. Over time writing becomes an obsession and develops into more of a need than a hobby. And its not even like I stopped caring for my blog. I was recently checking my website, never even thinking about shutting it down.
But since I couldnt get myself to post anything, the idea of closing it all down completely  drew closer. It only seemed logical for the last few weeks. Whenever I had written and then was about to click on the tiny little ‘publish’ button a thought crossed my mind. I asked myself whether this text was needed and beneficial. None of them WERENT, but none of them were very beneficial in a sense that it might have some real impact as well. I also thought, that I am not qualified to write in any way. In religious regards – I am not an alim, Im not even a theologian, although I’ve benefitted from a good religious education from child –age on.So I have knowledge, but not even nearly as much as those who are truly qualified to state any opinion – I thought.

People should go on and read texts, which were truly important and of truly qualified poeple. The internet makes nearly everything easily  accessible from home. Ancient texts of great scholars of the islamic history have become available in modern English.Those were texts worth the read. Texts worth the time. Truly educating texts. Who was I ? I shouldnt waste peoples time.

I never talked about this to anyone. When I finally opened up to a friend of mine she shook her head. ‘Thats so wrong’, she said. ‘Those who read that kind of literature will continue doing so and those who dont might get into the muslim mindset through yours.’
One more reason was, that I  noticed my texts getting more and more critical of other people. Especially liberal ‘neomuslims’ as I call them. Doubting any benefit from putting out criticism I didnt post any of these texts.
Just to realize now,that the opinions I hold might be radical, but should be put out there to give a counterside to all the wishy washy ‘Islam is only love’-texts which are on the rise.
I hope we can reverse this trend.

However – thats why I had stopped.

And thats why I’ll ınsaallah start again. Just need some motivation

Saturday, 3 January 2015

The stranger in many commmumities


In search for the essence I walked through many doors, in lack of knowledge I sat with many people.And in absence of wisdom I was secretly looking to find one door of absolute truth. I was looking for complete taqwa, absolute wisdom, perfect knowledge and firy speech. I was searching for someone perfect to take me as a student. I was hoping for the perfect scholar, the perfect community.
How foolish I was that I didn’t want to realize by heart what was so obvious to my eyes.

Anyone after the prophet (saw) is open to criticism, because it is the nature of humankind to fail, to forget, to sin, to err. No knowledge makes one immune to mistakes as well as no fame of the world confirms ones rightousness. In fact fame corrupts and knowledge taken for the mere will of knowing makes the heart arrogant and self-righteous.
Wisdom is in many places, on many tongues and in various clothes. Noone has it in completion so in order to collect it one has to go from door to door, from scholar to scholar. Sometimes one needs to ask beggars, and sometimes the wealthiest of people.

On has to stop looking for perfect communities as there are no such communities. I have to stop looking at communities in general, why do they matter. 
You come alone and you go alone, so sustain alone.
Don’t get used to people.
Be a stranger in gatherings.
Come for Allah , stay for Allah and go for Allah.
Be a secret lover.