Saturday, 3 January 2015

The stranger in many commmumities


In search for the essence I walked through many doors, in lack of knowledge I sat with many people.And in absence of wisdom I was secretly looking to find one door of absolute truth. I was looking for complete taqwa, absolute wisdom, perfect knowledge and firy speech. I was searching for someone perfect to take me as a student. I was hoping for the perfect scholar, the perfect community.
How foolish I was that I didn’t want to realize by heart what was so obvious to my eyes.

Anyone after the prophet (saw) is open to criticism, because it is the nature of humankind to fail, to forget, to sin, to err. No knowledge makes one immune to mistakes as well as no fame of the world confirms ones rightousness. In fact fame corrupts and knowledge taken for the mere will of knowing makes the heart arrogant and self-righteous.
Wisdom is in many places, on many tongues and in various clothes. Noone has it in completion so in order to collect it one has to go from door to door, from scholar to scholar. Sometimes one needs to ask beggars, and sometimes the wealthiest of people.

On has to stop looking for perfect communities as there are no such communities. I have to stop looking at communities in general, why do they matter. 
You come alone and you go alone, so sustain alone.
Don’t get used to people.
Be a stranger in gatherings.
Come for Allah , stay for Allah and go for Allah.
Be a secret lover.

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