Monday, 6 October 2014

for sure

In the name of Allah,the Most Graciousthe Most Merciful

 In this life nothing is for sure. There is no such thing as character,there are only situations and behaviors.There is no such thing like a permanent decision, there are merely temporary contentments with them. There is no one-way-road, the traffic on the highway of life is constantly dense in both directions. There is no such thing as a guaranteed status, there are only long moments.

Nothing in this world stays like it is,  nothing, because this is the very nature of this dunya. It is the essence of this dimension : change. And no change comes withouth pain if you loved or just got attached to moments of the past.
Change means pain and it will always mean pain if you don't understand how this place is designed to hurt you : This dunya is temporary , it exists through collapsing moments quickly followed by newly created ones, it exists through change. This dimension is temporary, but you were designed for the eternity.

If change is pain and dunya is constant change, than dunya is constant pain.

Nothing in this world stays like it is, not even the vehicles in which we move through this dimension do: the body renews itself constantly, withdrawn from my control. Even I myself change and even this is out of my control.

Two chances exist for mankind to escape that viscious cycle :
He either escapes dunya and enters into eternity or he stops getting attached to moments. Moments go, don't hold on to them, to nothing in your life. Whether good or bad, moments pass. They go and they never return until the day of ultimate justice.

Let go, they will either go eitherway.

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