Saturday, 16 June 2012

Soccer and the society ...

I live in Germany and the Europe-Cup is taking place these days. I guess soccer is the new drug.

When I bought newspaper in the last weeks at least half of it was about soccer.The important and political things started at the pages 4 or 5. They tried to comprimize them and werent giving much information to have more space to write more about unimportant soccer and publish pictures of soccer-players in every position from 52648027233 million different angles.And that was the point where I started to realize: The whole thing has gone just toooooo far.Soccer has become the new opium for people.

I dont want to attack people or offend anyone,but at the times world-cup takes place it becomes EVEN MORE DISGUSTING.

I just want people to realize,that soccer is a HOBBY.And it should be left as a HOBBY. Of course it can help to forget about prejiduces and cross borders.But nowadays it has come to a completely perverted dimension.Nowadays people identify themselves with clubs and stuff.They argue about players and 

spent literally their whole day or even life thinking about 22 adult men (last year was womens worldcup in Germany and I´ve been at the first game) running after a ball.

I mean you just have to look at hooligans and what they do, to understand what I mean.People exeggarate.
And I also think,that soccer is probably on of the most overrated things in the world. People dont get,that it doesnt mean a shit in the world.And nobody cares,if it gives you probably the feeling of participating in something big and great,when it just doesnt mean a shit to the worlds situation in any way. The only thing you do, if you try to keep up always with soccer-business is wasting your time.People think they come to together and do something together to form a better unity in human population.But they dont.

In fact soccer divides us all even more.It´s the wrong way to unite.
To form national groups to let them compete against each other to have one be the winner and the rest are the losers is probably one of the worst ideas in human history. And nobody can tell me, that it´s not about nations and their pride when they even sing their national anthem before every game and every side tries to be louder then the others.I guess this is horrible for spain : P .

So calm down people and keep you priorities straight !

May peace be upon you <3

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