Monday, 28 May 2012

family is important,but justice is more

Here is one more criticism on the society and most specific on things people from oriental countries do: Putting family on the highest of the scale.

Family is important and yes it´s one of THE MOST IMPORTANT values in our lifes.But justice is way more important than family. What I want to say:
Dont support your family whatever they do.The love and suport towards your family should never be unconditional.

What happened now to you? This?

Because unconditional love and support towards your family is something, that you have got to hear,since you were born.Have you ever thought about it?

The reason,why I´m talking about this: A few memebers of my family write in their free time as volunteers for an online portal.I´m not going to tell who and where, but thats where the conflict started (I dont have anything to do with).One more of my family-members( one with a high status) wanted to do the same.So an employee there said hed love him to write there too. At that point the employee hadn´t talked to the board of directors.And what happened? Right! They dont wanted him to write on their portal.So the low employee told him the news,and he started to send the email to the other writers there without any comment.One of them quitted writing there too as a reaction to this and wanted the article he/she had written to be removed.Now I´m just curious,how the rest of them are going to react.

The person who got rejected obviously tried to mobilize against the online portal, as he/she interpreted it as a personal attack.But it wasnt outragous at all.


And this is the point, where I want to become more general.If somebody acts not like the script you wrote in your book (AND YOU DO,WE ALL DO) dont be offended.The first thing you do should be thinking about it.I guess nearly everyone agrees with me, when I say, that people become so easily offended and interpret everything as an attack against themselves.But just look at the case, I wrote down above.

Dont act like that:
 It´s not personal,the world is not busy with thinking about how they could do something against you. Just accept it people: It´s not against you.It´s just the conditions.

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  1. I don't agree! Understood what you're trying to explain, but your chosen example is not fitting. And as someone who knows the background of the story, it's sad to get to know via your blog that your interpretation had been this way :(