Monday, 14 May 2012

I know it can be really awkward to read a text, when you have absolutely no clue who the author is.And I know it can be really awkward to just make up a voice in your head, that reads that text to you (and I know, that you have that voice in your head! Everyone has ! :P ) So I just decided to upload a picture of me.Thats me with my little cousin in my aunties garden :) And by the way: When you see pictures on my blog, you can be absolutely sure, that they are real.Zero Photoshop.I just dont get, why reality needs to be photoshopped.And zero Make-up.But that might change from time to time :) I guess I´m just to lazy to photoshop my pictures.This is just a waste of time, if it´s not going to be a photo that you´re going to have with you all the time, like drivers-licence or something like that. :)

Ohh, and for the voice-thing.... I promise I´ll be putting up a video or something like that to help with this problem :)

Da ich weiß, wie seltsam es sein kann einen Text zu lesen ohne ein Bild oder eine Stimme zu haben, habe ich mich entschieden schnell ein Foto hochzuladen.Das bin ich mit meinem kleinen Cousin im Garten.Die Bilder auf diesem Blog sind alle nicht photoshopbearbeitet.Dazu bin ich einfach zu faul :)

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