Friday, 18 May 2012


It´s kinda late to enter this post , but I´m so in love with this event, that I just dont want to wait till it takes place again next year. It´s a sportsevent that takes place at 1.May each year.Traditionally this day is free, so people can come from every corner of  Germany. Since I have 6 aunties (and my mother whos the oldest, so they´re 7 sisters) it´s kinda obvious that they are forming a team ;) So I´ve participated in it since the beginnings,which was like 10 years ago.They are very talented in Volleyball, so they participate in the Volleyball and most of the time, they win : D

This time we just got the second place, but it was fun!

The place itself is super beautiful with a lake!

What I love so much about it is: We muslims have a problem when it comes to unity.When you talk about them in front of a muslim, they will protect each other.No doubt about that.But as soon, as it comes to working together: NEVER! In the muslim community are lots of different groups and this event is opened for all of them!
So you see muslims from every nationality you could ever think of and they´re always super nice and smiling! 
The whole day long you just compete in sports you like ,eat , be together with your beloved ones and are surrounded by super nice people.It´s always a pleasure. This is little bit of how I imagine paradise : Pure pleasure.

                                                  Honestly dont know who this kid is, but the pic is so super funny
                                                 I just had to share it !

I will share it here next year around the time of april for you guys to also come ! :)

May peace be upon you <3

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  1. Know who this child is. He is the baby boy of a friend from wedding. Isn't he cute? Handsome boy! Love him!