Thursday, 17 May 2012

Anger and Reality TV 2.0

I was coming home with the metro from school and saw two girls arguing.They were surrounded by a lot of people and they were very loud.I couldnt get what the exact point was, but it seemed to be a tiny little thing.Something completely irrelevant. And then they started shouting and screaming, one of them cried and more and more people surrounded them.Nobody was doing anything they were just staring like it was entertainment. Reality TV 2.0 you know? So I gave the crying one a tissue and said them, that it was just completely inappropriate to make a drama in public like that. They were just making a spectacular out of themselves. So they made the decision to go their way each and talk about it later in private.

Whatever. What I wanted to talk about was, that they started saying really hard things to each other.Especially the crying girl said :"Bitch,I HATE you..."bla bla bla. At one point of the argue they werent even discussing any more.They were just in a competition of who could swear louder,longer and more hurting.There was no point in it. And this is the topic today: Be aware of what you say.Dont say anything thats on your mind. Never say everything you know, but always know everything you say.
In moments of anger you could destroy things youve been spending a lot of time and effort to build up within a moment.With a word or something you said without thinking about it.

It has been narrated by Abu Huraira (May Allah be pleased with him) That Allah's Messenger Muhammad ( ) Said:

“ The strong one is not the one who overcomes the people by his strength,
but the one who controls himself while hes in anger."

So when you notice that your mood changes into this:


......calm down.

And be aware that your going to be completely blind for any argument and sound stupid.



  1. like it (-: anger ist one letter shorter than danger.......(-:

    good work my dear...

  2. very very true!!!
    I liked your topic and liked even more your style of writing!!
    Didn't know that you were blogging since now and it definetely surprised me finding out in which language you are writing!
    I liked it very much! Awesome work a my awesome lady!
    kiss ya