Sunday, 20 May 2012

Skipping lessons

When this morning members of my family arrived because we come together sundays to listen to my wise grandfather about islamic topics, I was about to prepare myself for school. Yes, for SCHOOL. SUNDAY. Sounds horrible ? It also feels like that. Getting more depressed because I knew I was going to spend my whole day till 5pm at school I went downstairs and said goodbye to my family.Depressingly went to school to recognize: Nobody was there!

Ten minutes later we were 5 people. And that was it.Nobody came the following 20 minutes and I was just playing piano (we have a great Grande Piano in school). The point is: We were going to meet with the drama-class and we had made the decision to start a new piece because we were just hating on the old one ,just one month before the  actual perfomance. I´m sure you can imagine that you´re gonna go through a tough plan to be able to succeed. But nobody came so we went home (pure happiness was floating through me when the dramatheacher told us :D). The teacher told us that we were going to get our high grades because we had put our effort into this project and the rest was going to get bad ones.

OK. Lets think about it.

Who made the better deal?The ones, who didnt skip.

 I am not the person that never skipped or never skips.But I´m not doing it constantly.Thats the point : When you skip constantly , you have no RIGHT  to complain about bad marks. If you´re not there , theres nothing the teacher could judge about.

What people think or motives they have pro skipping lessons :

1)I havent learned for test / havent done homework 
It can make sense to skip if you´re not in advanced level  because of tests, but because of homework? No! Don´t do that! We all know that 3 of 10 times teachers dont control homework or do something completely different.Even if they do ,it´s just one moment.It´s way worse to not be present then to haven´t done your homework.You can still do it and give it to the teacher next time you see them.The mark you get for not being at school is 6, if you forgot homework you could still get a 2.

2)I´m to lazy to go to school
We will see, if you still can be lazy in a few years when you will be forced to do a bad job because of your financial situation, while I hopefully will be in a comfortable chair and doing my work to earn lots of money and having a nice life.Then what you do? REGRET THAT YOU WASTED YOUR TIME AND YOUTH WITH SKIPPING LESSONS!

3) I dont want to see the teacher/people freak me out
See what I wrote above.Same thing there.You will hate your future boss etc. . But the main point here is: School is just a little part of your life.You HAVE to do it.There is no alternative.What I also recognized is: Most of the time  when people dont want to see the teacher or other students it´s their own fault.I´m sorry but it´s just like that. People say everything they think about , are rude and regardless and expect others to treat them great. HELLO?! You could probably expect that from me (PROBABLY) and really religious people, but obviously not everyone is like that.People are just not intelligent enough to see, that they are just wasting their time with arguing about nonsense.

4)I hate the system / F*** the system
Pffff.Worst argument ever to skip lessons.Sorry but whats the thing that bothers you about the system? Could you describe it a litte bit more accurate?NO ? Because you dont know. Because if you´re honest you have to admit, that you´ve never really thought deeply about our system.Oh and you know what? When you skip you dont do anything to the system.You´re not hurting or changing it in anyway. You´re just hurting yourself.  The system is gonna f*** YOU!

5)I´m scared of someone in school
Go to the teachers/parents/friends and do something about it. And do your school! This person is gonna be scared of you, when they will need your help to survive,because you will be the boss in future.But then you should help them ;)


P.S.: I was a little bit angry while writing this, because now the perfomance is not going to take place,but yeah...I got a good mark!!! : D

May peace be upon you

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  1. Haha ... aggresiv and very emotional post...