Thursday, 17 May 2012

So true (just in German)


  1. 3 Dinge die du über den Islam nicht wusstest

    1. My contribution was for peace. Not even talking about the fact,that what you send me is filled with absolute half-knowledge (which we know since Aristoteles is worse than no knowledge) , İ sincerely have to ask you 3 questions :

      1) What can be your motivation to send me smth like that other than provocation and creating chaos and war ?
      2) Do you seriously spend your time searching for muslim websites to spam them with your dangerous half-knowledge and islamophobic propaganda ?
      3)Dont you think that your time would be invested a lot better if youd just fight with the peacelovers side by side to create a better tomorrow TOGETHER ?

      May Allah guide you and all of the hatefilled backwards thinking people who havent yet experienced the cruel reality of civil war and insaallah never will but dont fear starting one,nor do feel any shame to spread their dangerous ideology as well as me and the Ummah.And may Allah give the Ummah patience to stay peaceful and humble in front of such provocateurs

      May peace be upon you