Saturday, 1 September 2012

the problem with hijab

Ok people, lets face it.  I love wearing the hijab. And I love every each and one of my scarfs. But there is on thing that disturbs the harmonical relationship between me and my scarfs : Needles.

I HATE them.Everytime I buy a new scarf I´m super excited to wear it. And then ? BOOOOOOOOM . Explosion of hundreds of holes in my beautiful, expensive scarfs T.T
At first I thought its because my needles were basically too big, so that they left holes.And yes part of the problem was actually the size of them (my needles were HUGE) , so I bought finer ones.

But what happened? Exactly ! Exceptional of the size of the holes nothing changed.And because I become older, I started buying better quality scarfs.I actually own a few pure-silk scarfs and those are really sensitive.

But it became even worse.When this year those laser-scarfs popped up in hijab-fashion I was super amazed and had to get plenty of them. But some of them (especially the shimmery ones) are even more sensitive then silk ! 

No matter which kind of needle you use : There will be those fugly,nervewracking holes. 


So I stopped using needles.   "Wha...wha... WAIT. YOU STOPPED USING NEEDLES?"

ummmm... yes :D

And I will tell you the ultimate solution to your problems with those shitty holes in your beautiful headscarfs.
The solution is : MAGNETS . Tadaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! Genius right ? I know ! And thats why I want everyone to benefit from this.

You can buy magnets online everywhere.But they come in huge packs, which you will never use, because they never ever ever become dull. So you will need just one pair for the rest of your LIFE. Its so genius my God, why havent I switched earlier to magnets ?!

I sell them for 3€ per pair. Just email me :)


  1. Wow Magnets! Such a great idea! Your newest follower, Karima

    1. hey ! :) youre very welcome ! definitely try it out, I havent worn a needles since ages now that I have my magnets ! ;)

  2. the funniest post haha ^^

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