Thursday, 13 September 2012

why is fasting never an option?

" on the dates ! Azan is calling ! Azan is calling! "

Oh lovely Ramadan!Why are you gone so fast every time? I love you ! I love you so much from the depth of my heart! The spiritual atmosphere in Ramadan is very special.So deep and  authentic.Life is so much more worthless in comparison to akhirah in my eyes during Ramadan. In Ramadan I can do EVERYTHING I want. During Ramadan I feel great and I get rid of bad habits.

So why is fasting never really an option for us in daily life? I mean, we are making dua all day every day, we pray 5 times a day (during Ramadan I did even 6 times a day . Tahajjud is sooo great , but I´m going to write a different post about that later). And all that is good and completely fine...but why do we never think of fasting during normal days? WHY ? It´s like a mega-event if we do it (or Ramadan obviously :D). Well, let me tell you a story...As I always do  : D

During Ramadan (by far the most intense one of my entire life, guess I´m just starting to mature and be aware of everything more finally) I felt so good.I felt not only connected , but even like BEST FRIENDS with a ton of respect and a little bit fear towards ALLAH (c.c.). His love fulfilled me and I felt completely detached from the world.I felt like the only thing I needed was ALLAH. And I felt like he was honestly the one and only that I really wanted. And I wanted him desperately.
My life seemed to be so perfect.Everything improved from the first day.The world was so nice to me, because I was nice to the world.Success seemed to be increased in every aspect of my little life. I felt no hate. I didn't feel any bad feelings at all. I felt just love.Pure love.Pure, crystal clear and innocent. People told me , that I would glow and spread so much love even without saying something.
Not only mental and spiritual it was a month of success, but also health wise. My health was like up to 3000% . OK , I´m guilty I admit I didnt exercise ( I still don't, but definitely should) but I lost a good amount of weight. I ate zero junk, but replaced it with delicious fresh vegetables, fruits and nuts.I ate less, but had like double or three times the energy.

My productivitylevel was up the sky. 


When I look back, what I have done everything I still don't know HOW I managed it, but everything was so easy...
I read so much.And let me tell you something.I´m a little bookworm, since I can remember myself.I loved to read thrillers and novels and trivial stuff like that, which is not really hard to read right?But the moment you start reading Islamic or even scientific books the whole issue becomes a little bit different right? Well, not for me anymore ! I didn't only quited reading trivial literature and replaced it with Islamic or scientific books, but also increased the amount I read + I started taking notes and using a highlighter i n my books! And people it works WONDERS ! So highlight in your books and take notes ! 

So I thought . What was the source of my energy and well being in this month ? And I came to the conclusion that it was two things:
1) Fasting (and that means also awareness of god and transience) 
2) The ability to do what I really WANT, because there is no shaytan I had to fight 

So since I don't have any influence on aspect Number 2 I decided to focus on number one.Fasting.
I decided that I wanted to have the same energy in my life for the whole year so I would fast.
And I did. I did Shevval and then a couple days more as  just good deeds.And it worked perfectly! With fasting I realised how much time and effort I actually spent on preparing and eating junk stuff, that was bad for me in every way just because I was bored. The moment you fast and you know you wont eat till sun goes down, you automatically stop wasting your time thinking about it! It saved me so much time !

But I was scared that it would become normal for me and just like my "eating-habit"  . I didn't want it to be effortless and super easygoing. I still wanted to have at least SOME struggle doing it.I wanted to make an effort,because my intention was to please ALLAH and not developing a new eating-culture. So I looked up  a few hadiths.And I found some , which say that our Prophet (s.a.v.) used to fast Mondays and Thursdays.As   someone said, that he could fast more, he replied that fasting his way is the best. So I did it. And it works perfectly. I recommend fasting to everyone and hope to practise this for hopefully the rest of my life... Insaallah  if Allah is willing .

May peace be upon you <3

Your fasting Ayse

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  1. Kübra Kurtbecer25 October 2012 at 09:16

    Wow !I hope Ill have the discipline to do this also! You are sucha good motivator!