Sunday, 1 September 2013

Im ready for Istanbul

I havent blogged in ages! Ive had holidays,finished school and am now ready to study. I have been writing and writing and writing during the last two month (in which I -as shocking as it is for me- havent published ANYTHING) and never clicked on the "publish"-button. I feel like they are not ready for the public yet.

But today I found my "Fasting is not a diet"-post published in the Islamic newspaper , which I can highly recommend.

And I felt the urge to write again!

So what happened ?

As I mentioned, I finished school and got my Abitur with the Numerus Clausus 1,7,which is not brilliant but quite good.A few years ago you could study medicine with 1,7.Last year the whole situation changed -to the worse. They shortened schooltime from 13 to 12 years so that two years and so to speak double the amount of students as usual finished school at the same time.On top of that they cancelled military service,which lead to an explosion of people who wanted to start with Uni. As a result people with good grades werent able to start with Uni anymore.You had to be brilliant ... or rich to afford private Uni.And I am obviously not rich.

And as I got the offer to study in Istanbul at the Istanbul Sehir University my dream - psychology .... you can imagine the rest.

I am now looking forward to study Psychology and - if I can manage it - Islamic Studies too.I am looking forward to spend 4 years in this city I love everything about.This one city,which I miss everything about -except the traffic. I missed the adhan, the heat,the people.I missed the full bazaars,the smells and the colours.I missed the people,their smiles and the mosques.I missed my relatives,the bosphorus and cay.I missed the seagulls,the variety and the feeling of being at home, to be accepted, to be part of something bigger.I am so looking forward to wake up with adhan for fajr,to lift my blanket and realise, that I am where I want to be : In Istanbul <3


  1. Istanbul is waiting for you.....

  2. Mashallah and Mabruk on being featured in the IZ and getting your desired studying place in Istanbul. Freut mich fuer dich.
    Schoen mal wieder was von dir zu lesen :)

    Achso, zum letzten Kommi, ich hatte gefragt weil die ganze Diskussion mit der Options-pflicht zur Staatsbuergerschaft usw. da war und wollte halt fragen ob dass auch auf dich zutrifft oder nicht.

    1. Jazakaallahukhairan :)))) vllt kriege ich bald aus Ausnahmeregelung die doppelte Staatsbürgerschaft :D

  3. Congratulations! Istambul has to be a really beautiful city, wish I will be able to go there one day in sha Allah!


    1. insaallah sweetie :-* I really am so excited to fly over :)