Thursday, 14 November 2013

Türkiye Gençlik Barış Gemisi - Mediterranean Youth Peace ship

I had never seen such a huge ship.I was amazed and at the same time couldnt quite believe my eyes.Everytime I looked up it seemed even bigger.How was humankid able to build such huge things?

İt was the 29.October when our journey to Bosnia,Croatia and Tunisia with the mediterranean Youth Peace Boat started.We would visit Mostar,Dubrovnik and Tunis.

I wanted to write,but now after writing three sentences I cant do it anymore.

I dont want to talk much about it,I dont feel like writing lately.I am in this time again when I shut up and listen.I soak everything up.Lıke a sponge.And I write,I write,but only for myself.

I am going to let the pictures do the talking.

The minister of Youth and Sports Suat Kılıç :) The whole trip was sponsored by the ministry I didnt pay anything :)


  1. Assalamualaikum Ayse.
    Nice post you got here.
    Thanks for sharing those awesome pics.
    InsyaAllah you will achieve what you want over there. Amin.. =)
    Take Care my friend.

  2. Waalaykumussalam Taufiq :) At the moment it seems like Im moving back to Germany next year :S How are you doing ?

  3. Back to Germany? Is it bad or is it good news? Thought of you living there for quite some time for your studies right?
    Iam doing good Alhamdulillah. :)
    how about you Ayse? hope you doing good too. =)
    How i wish i can go Turkey.....

  4. What an amazing journey and beautiful pictures Ayse, how was Croatia and Bosnia? Not to mention Tunisia which is recovering from a revolution. Love to visit each of these 3 countries.

    1. I just didnt see your comment lovely huda! :(
      Im so sorry :((( Croatia was magnificent,they have the most beautiful medieval cities there and they look quite simlar to Prague,which I also love ! <3 Bosnia on the other hand was pretty much disappointing :( I only visited Mostar and expecting a huge ottoman city,but the spaces with ancient ottoman architecture are really small,so I was done seeing every museum and building in the oldy city of mostar in like 3 hours hehe. When I came out of the old city I saw all these old buildings with bullet holes everywhere.The civil war has left scars and the atmosphere in the city is somehow tense.
      Tunisia is not that well either :S I mean I dont know how it looked before,but I visited Carthage where the old Ferrari of Ben Alis son was burned and exposed to the visitors.Healthcare,social system etc. seem to be very poor,but I havent sent much time there so these are just impressions.